Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Facebook Fry

Fifty two years
And just two hundred and ninety-one friends
Doesn’t quite add up, Facebook.
Are you up to something?
Should I be talking to your superiors?

Only yesterday
I got two likes, one comment and
Strong possibility of
A friend request
While honourably clicking
Every post I saw
On my news feed
Or theirs.

Those assholes
They never honour
With likes, comments, and sharing
Stuff that I put up
Stuff that is tepid, cold
Occasionally a wee bit warm, even daring.

That is almost a rhyme
I told you I am good.

Like me, like me, like me, please.

People half my age
Are baking their cakes
And eating them too
While I
Am still eying the recipe.

1 comment:

Souvik said...

Excellent, Arun-da! :)