Monday, September 08, 2008

Mumbai Tumhara Sahar ?

Let the Hindi film & television industry shift away from Mumbai. Ditto with the Stock Exchange. Same with the BCCI. The Marathi upper middle class Thuk Re manoos will lose his parasitic sting for ever.

What have these bandits, who speak for Marathi asmita, done about farmer suicides in Vidharva and Marathwada ? What irony that these Jaichands have been born to a historically progressive state like Maharashtra !

And I am not only speaking of the Thuk Re clan. All those Marathi men & women in the public eye, rich & famous because of the cosmopolitan, industrious, audacious and bhel Hindi character of Bombay, and who choose to keep silent while Hindi and its adherents are bashed about, are equally culpable.