Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ek Choti Si Love Story - Top Left, and Top Right

Once upon a time (some time it was !), there was a boy, top, left. He loved the girl, top right. But the guy in the top middle kept coming in the way. So did the girl in the middle right, whose shoulders (and counsel) the top right girl trusted; while the one in the middle middle kept scoring aces in exams, in accomplished ignorance. Meanwhile the graceful guy at the bottom (middle) quietly rose up in ranks, to become the Vice President, Special Programs, International Campaign for Tibet, Washington, D.C. (not joking, this). End of story.


Sunny Natarajan said...

And here I was looking for some deep meaning and insight into Human behavior!

ARUN GUPTA said...

Depth is relative - not mine, though :)

Partha Chakraborty said...

Simplicity is the best. Story told in one photograph is brilliant. Four girls and five boys, there would always be a odd man there.