Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mysuru Days

This year I have been to Mysore thrice already. First time, in February, it was for conducting a Film Appreciation Workshop. The subsequent occasions, in June and September respectively, I was conducting Script Writing Workshops. All three times the location was the tranquil & unhurried Dhvanyaloka (Centre for Indian Studies).

My faithful and tireless co-conspirators in these ventures have been two amazing young people - Chinmayi (first from right, with a chunni) and Pavan (seventh from left, in white shirt).

Chinmayi, like Lekha (mentioned in an earlier post), is a former student of mine. Ideologically grounded and sensitive, Chinmayi has an intrinsic reservoir of talent which she is shy of acknowledging.

Pavan is a Fine Arts graduate and Photographer, whose creative output showcases an admirable eye for detail, in compositions which unobtrusively seek out inexplicit relationships.

photos by pavan k j

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