Monday, October 08, 2007

My Complete Profile: New & Improved

A product of Hindi-speaking North Indian parentage, Bengali-speaking Kolkata upbringing, Marathi-speaking FTII nurture and Gujarati-speaking NID evolution (and now a Kannada-speaking hangover), Arun Gupta is quite a confused desi. The fact that he is married to an ethnic Bong from Mumbai adds to this delectable mess.

Arun loves the Moving Image, but in his view the Sound came first, followed by the Word and subsequently the Image. Hence he lives in a permanent inferiority complex vis a vis the Musical, the Literary and the Photographic Arts. However he draws consolation from the fact that it is in Cinema these varied art forms find an (un)holy union.

As he grows older, Arun is increasingly drawn to the beauty of the commonplace and the everyday. And he is a memory freak – his memory is falling but he increasingly remembers ‘the obvious necessity to forget’.

The sketch is by one of my ex-students Sreejith Paul - he had drawn caricatures of ALL his teachers, for one annual convocation display. Most of the text was originally written for an aborted faculty profiles publication.

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only-sanjukta said...

am reading your blog after a long time!!! long time!!! it was just few days back that i left nid.:)
life sped through, a lot has happened, or so i think, may be.
your email id is showing delivery errors.i am sending you the links to my blog...

hope you get time to go through them...some of the pieces were published in statesman i think they are ruining their standards...:)

( films have never been the same...)