Thursday, October 04, 2007

Apne Moohn Mian Mithhu or The Art of Blowing One's Own Trumpet

I like being praised.

Teachers ought to be praised. Because that probably is the only asset they would manage to build in a lifetime. They are the monks who can never hope to buy or sell any ferraris.

This is one of my ex-students (no, neither Lekha nor Chinmayi !) talking about the scriptwriting course I took with her batch some years back -

"Cava! And thus he spoke the first word in class ...

The strings and strings of words that followed made so much sense that I felt I had learnt a lot in the very first class. In my opinion, the faculty could not have been better than this.

What was most interesting was the way the faculty handled all types of writing by students. It was the most unbiased approach. If everybody’s leg was pulled in class, everybody was also appreciated equally. Nobody was made to believe lesser than the other and I am sure everybody walked out of the class optimistic of his or her writing skills. At least, I did.

The faculty also gave us constructive criticism which I have not encountered in this place at all. If something was not upto mark in the assignments that we submitted, the faculty not only criticised it but also gave us alternative suggestions which made our minds work on different tangents to find out alternative solutions ...

I am not blushing.

Now the flip side of the coin, this time from another of my ex-students, in an other scriptwriting course -

"I’m really happy that u criticized me but there wasn’t anything special in ur feed back because I know I have a problem with my English language and I told u from the beginning of it also. And I’m working hard for it. Then you gave me an A in punctuality sorry to say I wasn’t punctual at all so I don’t deserve it, then you gave me B+ for motivation where I deserve more than that because I was injured and my leg was plastered and my doctor tolled me to take rest but I came to ur class. Unfortunately u couldn’t see it. any way I m not here to become an A+ guy. And I’m also not attending any personality development course. U said I’m rigid in learning I will be only rigid when somebody say that you can’t go to that way you have to go this way then I will ask why not? if that person can’t answer it or convince me I will explore the way which he told me not go or he have to allow me to explore the way. Because this is the only time I can explore more and make mistakes and learn from that. The day I pass out from here I can’t do it with somebody else’s money, time, energy etc. before that I have to explore every thing and I’m not afraid of committing mistakes ... In my all life so many people told me that you can’t do that it’s impossible, that is not possible etc when I explored things I was right ... I thing you should read Robert frost’s poem “Road not taken”. You always tolled me that I have to open if I m open you are also bound to be open because I don’t believe in one side opened road. You used the word I’m talent and a made for a movie person to hear these words about me I been working hard for a long time it didn’t came in one day and its not the way you described me that I’m impatient and jumping to achieve the goal. I admit that I was little bit impatient completing my assignments because I can’t sit more than one hour hanging my plastered pain full leg on top of my computer and think creative and type words with all my spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. If you are taking my physical problem with my attitude then I can’t help it. If you want to tell something to me tell straight foreword don’t go like “you have very good skill and visualization but you have these problems, that problems also. I’m not impressed by telling that I’m talented or I have done a good work I’ll be happy if you talk about my lacking and mistakes so that I can cover it. Tell me directly what problem I have, don’t appreciate first and then take my case. It won’t help me in my learning. With all respect to you sorry to say but you always do this cheap trick ..."

I am still not blushing.


somewhere there said...

:) awww. I loved your script writing class Arun. I like your cheap tricks, which i don't think you have, Arun.
And i love that you can create an environment where your students can be this honest.

Anjali Nayar said...

this is brilliant!

thatsmua said...

Time and memory !