Friday, March 22, 2013

Zee Ley Jara...

On the sets of the Zee TV Talk Show "Teer Kamaan" which I directed for a season, sometimes in the mid-90s. The set design and construction was by Omung Kumar (also called OK), familiar to the then television audience as the very popular host of the game show 'Ek Minute' (also on Zee)

"The Positive Health Show" - another show I directed at Zee in the mid-90s. It was anchored by one Dr. Batra (yes, the famous homoeopath who helps you deal with hair loss and other sundry deficiencies). One of the show's sections dealt with health cooking. I remember at the end of this one all of us unwholesomely rushed in to eat the just cooked gourmet dish. Incidentally, the smart boy intently observing me at the back is Sagar Ballary (later to become famous as the Director of 'Bheja Fry'). Sagar was a young college student then, assisting me in Zee while bunking his classes at Ruia :)

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