Monday, January 07, 2013

"You've got to have faith in people"

I have long admired Woody Allen, especially for his unique ability to seamlessly and with such self-deprecating humorous yet affectionate insight navigate the triple talents of being the writer, director and principal actor. The first film of his I was exposed to (very near its release in 1979) was Manhattan. I remember being blown by his performance, his dialogue, and most importantly by his characterization of this doomed yet beautiful love between a 42 year old experienced yet unsure man and this 17 year old wise little gawky girl (played by an ethereal Mariel Hemingway). The last scene, where he runs across the streets of (a beautifully black & white) New York, just in time to catch her before she leaves for London, is very poignant. To his anxiety about her changing, she says - "You've got to have faith in people". That's what it is all about - You've got to have faith in people.

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