Thursday, May 26, 2016

Giving Gyan to FTII

The new FTII Director Shri Bhupendra Kainthola and the Academic Council Chairperson Shri Brijendra Pal Singh visited us at NID. It was a pleasure introducing them to the unique features of the NID (Film & Video) Academic structure, including the partially elective-based Credit system of course assessments. FTII (my alma mater) is a great place, with a unique body of students. But it needs to time-discipline itself and acquire simple practices like a Semester-wise (and not weekly) Timetable, a Semester and Diploma end Jury system (instead of exams), Individual Faculty Guides/Supervisors for each individual project, etc. Plus it needs to strengthen the hands of its Internal/Permanent Faculty. 

I am no believer in the primacy of Visiting/Guest Faculty. Its the people who have a long-term and continuing stake in any system who should call the shots. Often they are the only ones left to receive them as well.

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