Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mangalored !

kissa kursi ka

the missing link

Ujjwal (Utkarsh), Uday(raj PJ) and Ahsam (KR) came home for dinner. Uday (far right) (pun unintended) volunteered to prepare 'authentic' dishes from Mangalore, with a little help from his (Ranchi and Palakkad) friends. The Mixer Grinder decided on a determined halt. We enjoyed the food and the company. Sri Ram Sene was not informed.

Ujjwal and Uday are 'young designers' now. Ahsam is about to be.

I have been their Diploma Project Guide.


Parul Gahlot said...

Sometimes I almost miss being a student...then i think i just miss being younger :)

junuka said...

this is even more refreshing even to look at and read!next time i am cooking marathi me again please!!!:)